Bandeja profunda TS 2.0

Bandeja profunda TS 2.0

  • SPACE EFFICIENT ORGANISATION - Contoured to the shape of the TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 boxes the internal trays allows end users to use all internal space in an organised and time efficient way
  • DUAL FUNCTION SIDE HANDLES - Allows the end user to remove the trays from a box easily and also acts as a latch connecting trays to each other
  • STACKING ABILITY - Trays can be stacked together inside the boxes or transported outside of a TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 boxes together via the handle latches?
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Información general sobre producto

Customise your tool storage with ToughSystem Deep Tool Tray. It is designed to maximise storage space within ToughSystem 2.0 toolboxes and provide customisable organisation to fit jobsite needs. Customise your trays by inserting plywood dividers to best suit your needs. Tray-positioning latches allow you to hang trays at the top of your toolbox, so they don’t interfere with larger tools stored at the bottom. Optimise organisation by stacking trays inside to create customised storage modules within ToughSystem 2.0 toolboxes. Easily connect, remove, and carry multiple ToughSystem trays with double-function, side-carry handles. Combine the shallow and deep trays to customise your storage modules within all ToughSystem 2.0 products.

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  • TRAY POSITIONING LATCHES - Allows tray to hang from top of toolbox to maximize storage volume (like a normal internal tray)


Capacidad de peso
8 Kg
Ancho del producto
47 cm
Altura del producto
11.5 cm
Peso del producto
0.9 g
Número de compartimentos
1 tray
Peso bruto del producto
0.9 Kg
31 cm
Número de piezas
¿Es un conjunto?
Longitud del producto
47 cm



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