33pc FLEXTORQ Screw Driving Set

Información general sobre producto

EXTREME FlexTORQ screwdriver bits are designed to withstand the high forces of todays impact drivers. This significantly reduces the instances of failure when fixing large screws in place.

Más características

  • TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place.
  • Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Caddy and Large Tough Case.
  • Easy bit removal and retention for user convenience.
  • Bits lock into place to prevent them falling out when not in use.
  • Extreme Impact Ready.
  • Optimised Tip Geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out.
  • Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding.
  • CNC Machined Optimised Torsion Zone for greater bit strength and longer life.
  • Optimised torsion zone maximises bit life and turning force even in the most demanding applications.
  • Contoured area of the bit flexes with the torque of the impact driver to absorb torque peaks and protect the bit for longer life.
  • DEWALT branded torsion zone.
  • Includes a torsion zone drive guide with an extending sleeve for improved fastener stability and control. For use with 25mm screwdriver bits.
  • Longer life on 25mm bits when used in a torsion zone drive guide.
  • Includes nut drivers.


  • (1) PH1 25mm
  • (1) PH2 25mm (5)
  • (1) PH3 25mm
  • (2) PZ1 25mm
  • (1) PZ2 25mm (8)
  • (2) PZ3 25mm
  • (2) T10 25mm
  • (1) T15 25mm
  • (3) T20 25mm
  • (2) T25 25mm
  • (1) T30 25mm
  • (1) PH2 57mm
  • (1) PZ2 57mm
  • (1) 8mm Nut Driver
  • (1) 10mm Nut Driver
  • (1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide with Torsion Zone



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